COVID-19 - Avis important / Important notice

Chers clients, suite à l'annonce faites par le gouvernement du Québec, le port du masque sera obligatoire en magasin à partir de samedi le 18 juillet 2020.

Vous devrez porter le masque en tout temps lorsque vous serez dans le magasin. L'accès au magasin sera refusé à toute personne ne portant pas le masque. Avec des amendes allant jusqu'à 6000$ pour les marchands, nous n'avons aucun choix.

Merci à tous nos clients pour leur précieuse collaboration.
Dear customers, following the announcement made by the Quebec government, the wearing of masks will be mandatory in stores as of Saturday, July 18, 2020.

You will have to wear the mask at all times when you are in the store. Access to the store will be refused to anyone not wearing the mask. Fines of up to $6,000 can be imposed on merchants, so we need to reinforce.

Thank you to all our customers for their precious collaboration.


Oset bikes are world leaders in high-end electric dirt, trail and motocross motorcycles that are made for riders aged three and up.

Whether your little one wants to start training for their trials/motocross career or you’re looking for a machine to race yourself, Oset bikes are recognized globally as the best beginner bikes for children to learn and improve their motorcycle skills.

Being electric, they have no hot parts, require no gas, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in places other bikes cannot go.

We’re one of the few dealers in Quebec, Canada to offer this line.

Only limited quantities are available, so make your way down to the shop today and check them out!


16.0 Racing

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12.5 Racing IN STOCK